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What are the Steps For Preparing for Prime Day 2022?

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What are the Steps For Preparing for Prime Day 2022?

As Amazon’s biggest shopping event approaches, online merchants are hurrying to make Prime Day arrangements. Please read on, then reach out to AVASK Group today for more information on how you should prepare for Prime Day 2022.

Why is it important to prepare for Prime Day 2022?

Planning ahead is crucial for online sellers to have their products front and center, given the heavy traffic and fierce competition for this annual two-day sales campaign. Winning over Prime Day customers is generally correlated with forecasting the right amount of inventory, efficient advertising, pricing and data management strategies.

How should you prepare for Prime Day 2022?

To optimize your performance during this year’s Prime Day, you should:

  • Monitor inventory levels: Evaluate your Amazon FBA inventory ahead of time, because running out of stock can affect your rankings, jeopardize your sales and decrease customer loyalty. Send inventory in parts rather than one large shipment to ensure some are received in time.
  • Protect your pricing: Set a price cut in advance to offer the desired strikethrough price to your customers on Prime Day.
  • Optimize for conversion: Take care of your product listings and maintain your brand voice with the A+ Content blocks to increase conversion for all of that increased traffic. Shoppers who watch videos on a product listing are more likely to buy the product.
  • Boost your promotions: Get the most visibility for your deals by promoting through all available channels:
    • Amazon PPC advertising
    • Social media
    • Amazon’s posts
    • Customer engagement programs
  • Join the Brand Referral Bonus Program: Take advantage of this program for your non-Amazon marketing to offset the costs of the promotions you are running. Make sure you’re enrolled in the Amazon Attribution Program, too.
  • Leverage your Amazon data: Analyze traffic and sales data to increase reviews, retarget shoppers with advertising and study which deal types received the most interaction.

If you have any further questions about this or other Amazon-related topics, please reach out to Timothy E. Nelson, CPA today.

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