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Amazon Allows Additional Customers to Access Prime Wardrobe

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Amazon Allows Additional Customers to Access Prime Wardrobe

Amazon Allows Additional Customers to Access Prime Wardrobe

In June 2017, Amazon announced a program that is known as Prime Wardrobe. This clothing-based section of Amazon’s business aimed to allow customers to try on clothing before they actually commit to it and shell out any money. This is a similar concept to other companies, like Stitch Fix. However, this is an especially exclusive program, as it was “invite only.” Now, however, Amazon seems ready to allow the general public to enjoy the benefits of this program. Prime Wardrobe offers clothing for men, women, kids, and infants.

Much of the speculation surrounding the official launch of Prime Wardrobe comes from a now-deleted tweet from an Amazon employee. According to TechCrunch, the tweet stated “Amazon Prime Wardrobe is officially launched! Hooray! It’s been a fun project to work on.”

The try before you buy concept answers many concerns that shoppers have about being unsure of online shopping because no one can know what something will look like on their body just from a picture on a website. Unlike Stitch Fix, Amazon doesn’t plan to pair customers with a personal stylist. It will be interesting to see whether the Prime Wardrobe program is actually even launching after all of the speculation surrounding the since-deleted tweet.

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