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Amazon sellers have a lot to consider when doing business on the Amazon Marketplace. They are often confused by the term “Nexus” and how it relates to their business methods. Amazon sellers can be overwhelmed by bookkeeping and tax matters that would be better left in the hands of financial professionals. Ebiz Accounting has been working with Amazon sellers for over a decade. If you own an Amazon business, you need a quality professional that can effectively service your financial needs while you focus on conducting business. If you need a Certified Public Accountant that has the experience to help you with all financial aspects of running a business in the Amazon Marketplace, contact our staff for a free consultation.


Amazon sellers must consider the issue of Nexus. Nexus, also called sufficient physical presence, is the factor that determines if a party is liable for collecting sales tax when doing business in another state. Simply put, Amazon sellers sell product all over the country and they may be required to collect applicable taxes where each customer lives. Our staff has gained significant experience by conversing with various sales tax attorneys and Amazon executives who provided essential insight to the issue of Nexus. Equipped with these years of exposure to the topic, We have the necessary skills to help all Amazon sellers through this complex issue.

Bookkeeping and Taxes

Bookkeeping and taxes are complicated matters. Ebiz Accounting has over a decade of experience helping Amazon sellers through the complex matters of the General Ledger and tax issues, including income tax preparation. Our staff handles financials for clients all over the country. By providing quality and effective financial services, We have successfully retained every amazon seller that has utilized our services.

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Our staff of financial professionals would be honored to be of service to you and your Amazon business. We will work with each client to develop a strategy that enhances the functionality of the business at a price that works for everyone. If you would like to know more, contact Ebiz Accounting for a free initial consultation.

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