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Amazon cracks down on fake reviews

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Amazon cracks down on fake reviews

Amazon cracks down on fake reviews

In today’s retail world, reviews can make or break a person’s decision to purchase a product. If there are 100 great reviews about a product, a restaurant, or a business, a potential client may be far more likely to want to choose that company over someone without any reviews. That being said, a bunch of bad reviews on Amazon can ruin a seller’s business. This leads a lot of Amazon sellers to believe that it may be beneficial for them to pay people to write good reviews about their product or business.

While in theory it may seem like an okay idea, it is now going to backfire because Amazon has recently taken a stand against companies with fake reviews. If they know that you are paying people to provide you with fake reviews, they will penalize your company by burying them in the search results on Amazon under other companies that have real reviews. This can be incredibly damaging for your business.

Business owners can get really caught up in the competition of reviews and may not realize the harmful effects that this may have on their business. Amazon takes counterfeit products and reviews seriously because they want their customers to have a real, legitimate idea of what they can expect when they pay for the product in question. Not everyone is always going to love everything about every product. You are going to get bad reviews because you can’t please everyone. However, it is better to have a few bad reviews next to honest, good reviews than it is to be completely buried in the pages on Amazon.

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