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Amazon Discontinuing Giveaway Program

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Amazon Discontinuing Giveaway Program

Amazon Giveaways, which was a fantastic way for up-and-coming businesses to gain traction, is no more. The last day to create giveaways was October 10, 2019.

Amazon’s reasoning for dumping the program has not been made entirely clear, however, many companies have the Giveaways program to thank for jumpstarting their business.

Essentially, the Giveaways program allowed Amazon sellers to give products away for free to certain lucky customers in exchange for watching a simple video about the product. How does this help the individual seller?

Well, if the seller used the Giveaways program, Amazon would offer free marketing for the business, often including the item in their emails, or by giving the product higher search rankings, ultimately resulting in an increase of the product’s popularity.

While the Amazon Giveaways program is no more, there are still several ways for Amazon sellers to boost their sales via other Amazon-related programs–through the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, or the Amazon Launchpad, for example.

With the Amazon Early Reviewer Program, customers may leave honest reviews on your item for a $1-$3 Amazon gift card. The more reviews your product has, the more popular it can become. While you must pay $60 per SKU, you may find that the program is well worth the extra cash.

The Amazon Launchpad, on the other hand, looks out for unique and useful products. If your product meets their criteria, Amazon may help market your product, and can sometimes even allow you to submit your product to Amazon Deals, which may drastically expand your product’s reach.

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