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Amazon Fights Counterfeit Products With Intellectual Property

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Amazon Fights Counterfeit Products With Intellectual Property

Amazon Fights Counterfeit Products With Intellectual Property

In an effort to make Amazon sellers feel more comfortable in the wake of the company’s crackdown on counterfeit products, Amazon is starting a program this April to allow brands to register their intellectual property. Sellers will be able to register their logos, patented products, and trademarks with Amazon in order to ensure that no knockoff companies are allowed to enter the market. This registry service will be available to all sellers for free.

Amazon is working to show that they are trying to come forth as an ally to small businesses and the small businesses who sell their products on their website. Amazon has become a major avenue for small businesses to make a name for themselves, as they now have over 300 million customers browsing their site. Another method that Amazon is using to fight counterfeit products is through a new program called Transparency. This program will allow sellers to create a label that has a code on it to ensure that no counterfeit users can steal their products. Shoppers will be able to double check that they are making a purchase from a legitimate seller.

Amazon continues to fight against counterfeit goods as they are constantly trying to prove to their customers and sellers that they should not be concerned about shopping or selling on their site. If you have questions about what it takes to become an Amazon seller, consult with our experienced Amazon accountants today.

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