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Amazon Files for “AmazonTube” in response to Google blocking YouTube

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Amazon Files for “AmazonTube” in response to Google blocking YouTube

Amazon Files for “AmazonTube” in response to Google blocking YouTube

Google recently made a decision to block all of the YouTube content on any devices made by Amazon. This came at about the same time that Amazon was preparing to launch its new device, the Echo Show. Of course, making the decision to prevent YouTube from going on Amazon’s devices can hurt sales. In an effort to fight back against Google, Amazon filed a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for two names that sound like they could be YouTube’s next competition. The trademark applications are for “AmazonTube” and “OpenTube,” with descriptions that sound very, very similar to YouTube. Along with the trademark applications, Amazon has also purchased domains for websites called AlexaOpenTube.com, AmazonAlexaTube.com, and AmazonOpenTube.com. It seems as though all of these future video streaming services will pair up with Amazon’s voice-activated Alexa. This will allow users to “ask” Alexa to find them videos about whatever they’d like to see. Of course, Amazon hasn’t officially announced anything yet so this is something that we will have to keep a close eye on as Google tries to stop Amazon’s growth, as any competitor would do. It will also be interesting to see how successful the video platform is in comparison with the wildly popular YouTube.

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