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Amazon Kills the Dash Button

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Amazon Kills the Dash Button

As of August 31, Amazon Dash buttons are out of commission. The Amazon Dash button was essentially a pill-shaped piece of plastic with a hook and button. The Dash button’s target audience was those who regularly order very specific items. The Dash button is to be replaced by a virtual Dash button on computer screens.

Generally, the Dash button was used for items that require regular restockings, such as Clorox wipes, Ziploc bags, Gilette razor blades, toilet paper, garbage bags, energy drinks, coffee, car air fresheners, diapers, and more. However, there were certain oddball Dash buttons as well. For example, candles, Doritos, pita chips, popcorn, Slim Jims, and David’s Sunflower Seeds. The Amazon Dash button’s intended purpose was for consumers to hang it where it made the most sense. For example, if you shave frequently, you may wish to clip your Gilette Dash button somewhere near your medicine cabinet. That way, if you run out of razors, you no longer have to remember to order them–they were just a click away. The Dash button was first introduced in 2015.

Fortunately, if you owned and enjoyed the Amazon Dash button, you are not completely out of luck. Amazon has automatically created a virtual dash button for you in its place. You may create and organize your new virtual Dash buttons on the Amazon webpage, Amazon app, Echo Show, or a Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator. 

Though the Dash button is gone forever, Amazon still offers the Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa. Essentially the Amazon Dash Wand enables you to say whatever you wish to order, or simply scan a barcode, and the items will be added to your shopping cart. The Amazon Dash Wand also helps you find recipes, buy and reorder essentials, and find nearby restaurants, to name a few of its features.

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