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Amazon Launches Spark as a Pinterest Competitor

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Amazon Launches Spark as a Pinterest Competitor

When a person is scrolling across the internet, whether it be Instagram, Pinterest, or wherever else, they may see an image of something they like but have no idea where they can purchase it. Of course, Amazon came up with an idea to combat this issue with Amazon Spark.

Amazon Spark is currently only available on the Amazon mobile app, as it was just launched on July 18. First, Spark will ask you to choose a number of interests that range from anything from books to baking to parenting to gardening to fashion, and any other category of items that Amazon may sell. Once you do that, your Spark feed looks a lot like Instagram. There are images that look like any normal picture as opposed to an ad. However, when you click on an image, it will have yellow dots over the products featured. If you click on a yellow dot, it will show you an option to buy the product. From there, you can look at product information just like you would when looking at any other Amazon product.

Here is an example of how the pictures with products for sale appear:

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