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Amazon Launches Subscription Services

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Amazon Launches Subscription Services

It seems as though every day, Amazon launches a new set of services to continue its takeover of the retail market. Amazon is looking into expanding its share in the subscription market and now offers a program called Subscribe with Amazon. The company has spent the last year developing the program that will allow Amazon customers to manage all of the subscriptions that they use regularly.

There may be sellers with businesses who want to put their subscription services on Subscribe With Amazon. Then, millions of Amazon customers can access your subscription services. Some subscription services may include news sources, magazines, television subscriptions, food subscription services, and more. Sellers who choose to make their subscription services available on Subscribe With Amazon will be able to create a detail page that informs potential customers about the company.

In order to have your application considered, you will have to fit into a number of eligibility categories. Your subscription company must have an app or a website that customers can access. In addition, the address of your subscription business must be located within the United States. Finally, your customers must make a recurring payment to the subscription services instead of a one-time fee. The subscription service must be paid but can allow sellers to offer your customers with a free trial.

If you have questions about starting an Amazon business, contact an experienced Certified Public Accountant who works with Amazon sellers.

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