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Amazon Makes 3 New Changes to Improve Your Online Shopping Experience

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Amazon Makes 3 New Changes to Improve Your Online Shopping Experience

Amazon Makes 3 New Changes to Improve Your Online Shopping Experience

In recent months, Amazon has sought to increase its accessibility, and through careful research and various studies, Amazon has just produced a more user-friendly interface.

Starting July 22, Amazon will do away with ASIN titles that do not comply with its regulations. “ASIN titles” are simply product listings. Essentially, Amazon is going to make all posts that exceed the 50-character limit, use all-caps and contain emojis disappear. While these posts will not be permanently deleted, Amazon will essentially make them impossible to find via Amazon Search. Amazon is doing this in the hopes of limiting confusing and clunky titles, thereby creating what will hopefully be a much smoother browsing experience.

Amazon also enacted a new policy that took effect on June 12, wherein they demanded vendors who sell consumable items provide price-per-unit information on their products. This enables users to compare across listings so they can be sure they are getting the best deals. Items like food, makeup and medicine all classify as consumables.

Lastly, Amazon is now requiring sellers to provide compatibility information for phone cases and accessories. If you have ever ordered a piece of technology off Amazon, and upon its arrival realized it was incompatible with your device, you will probably understand how annoying that can be. To fix this issue, Amazon is now requiring all sellers to post compatibility information for those products.

While the policy to suppress ASIN titles has yet to come into play, it is certain that Amazon is paying attention to consumers’ gripes, and is actively attempting to improve its users’ online shopping experience.

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