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Amazon Releases List of its Private Label Suppliers

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Amazon Releases List of its Private Label Suppliers

Recently, Amazon has released a list of about 1,500 private label suppliers for the first time in its history. The decision to release such data is to provide its consumers and sellers with the transparency they deserve.

When companies do not share this sort of data, it often indicates that they do not know where their product comes from. Simply put, when companies do not know where their product originates, they also do not know the business practices those companies run on.

Amazon, of the move to release the list, said in a statement, “Amazon is strongly committed to conducting its business in a lawful and ethical manner, including engaging with suppliers that respect human rights, provide safe and inclusive workplaces, and promote a sustainable future. We engage with suppliers that are committed to these same principles.” The tech giant went on to say, “Our global teams work closely with suppliers to communicate our standards, and help suppliers build their capacity to provide safe and respectful working environments.”

The move to release this list has received an overall positive response. Aruna Kashyap, senior women’s rights counsel at Human Rights Watch said, “The decision by Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, sends an unambiguous message that transparency is critically important and here to stay and grow.” She went on to say that “Brands that don’t publicly disclose their supply chains may not know where their products are made, making it harder to determine whether they are acting responsibly, and where the disclosure is not easily accessible, they make it difficult for workers to report labor abuses.”

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