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Amazon to Increase U.S. FBA & Referral Fees | What You Should Know

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Amazon to Increase U.S. FBA & Referral Fees | What You Should Know

Amazon to Increase U.S. FBA & Referral Fees | What You Should Know

If you are an Amazon seller, then you understand how challenging the last year has been, predominantly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that swept the nation and the world. While many Amazon sellers saw an increase in sales, many others took a significant hit, and furthermore, complications with shipping items out at the height of the pandemic were commonplace. As a result of these complications that many sellers throughout the country incurred, months ago, Amazon announced that it would hold off on increasing U.S. FBA & referral fees in an effort to help sellers deal with the pressure caused by the pandemic. However, now, in a recent statement, Amazon has announced that starting June 1, 2021, there will be an increase in U.S. FBA & referral fees.

Amazon began by giving themselves a pat on the back, stating, “While many other companies passed along costs through surcharges and fee changes in 2020, we absorbed over $5 billion in COVID-related costs on your behalf, and are absorbing billions more in the first half of 2021.”

However, the tech giant went on to say, “Now, as vaccines are being distributed and we see a path to normalcy, our next fee adjustment in the US has been scheduled for June 1, 2021. Most referral fees will not change, and we are making only modest increases (about 2-3% on average) to fulfillment fees, in line with or below industry averages.”

As you may imagine, however, this increase may have significant impacts on various third-party sellers and other small businesses on Amazon, and many Amazon sellers have voiced their unfavorable opinions on the policy. If you are someone who sells on Amazon and you use FBA, you should strongly consider speaking with AVASK Group today to learn more about how the increase may affect you, and how our team can help ensure that you maximize your business’s profitability. If you have any further questions, give us a call today.

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