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Amazon to Open Texas Tech Hub

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Amazon to Open Texas Tech Hub

Amazon to Open Texas Tech Hub

Amazon has never been one to shy away from making grand-scale decisions. The company is making another big move this week, as they announced their new plan to open another tech hub within the United States. On March 28, 2019, Amazon revealed its plan to open up the new hub in Austin, Texas. With this announcement, the company plans to add 800 new tech jobs in the capital of Texas.

This new hub will be one of Amazon’s 17 North American tech hubs. The company plans to hire the new employees over a period of several years. These new jobs will focus on software and hardware engineering, cloud computing, and research science.

Amazon is no stranger to the great state of Texas. It previously created more than 22,000 full-time jobs within the state and invested over $7 billion since the year 2011. The company’s estimates take credit for these investments contributing more than $5 billion to Texas’ economy from 2011 to 2017. These contributions include building customer fulfillment facilities, cloud infrastructure, a 253-megawatt wind farm, and payroll. Amazon also generated roughly 30,000 indirect jobs throughout Texas in addition to their direct hires.

The global empire has a large presence in solely Austin as well. More than 5,600 workers already reside in the city, 1,000 of which are corporate level positions. The move will result in over 7,000 jobs in the city of Austin alone. In order to accommodate this increase in jobs, Amazon will build a 4 story building, called The Domain. This 145,000 square-foot building is expected to open in the year 2020.

The new hub comes not long after Austin was placed on the list for Amazon’s second company headquarters. The city fell second to New York’s Long Island City and Northern Virginia. While the two instances are not directly connected, the company said they would add jobs in cities throughout the country when the headquarters plan fell through in New York.

The city of Austin is becoming a hot spot for technology, with the Amazon announcement coming just a few months after Apple’s announcement to build a new campus there as well. Amazon’s Austin Tech Hub General Manager Terry Leeper spoke on the subject, saying, “With a strong pool of technical talent in Austin and a dynamic quality of life, we are excited to continue to expand and create more opportunity in this vibrant city.”

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