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Amazon Updates its Brand Registry Program for Amazon Sellers

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Amazon Updates its Brand Registry Program for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Updates its Brand Registry Program for Amazon Sellers

Recently, Amazon updated its enrollment process regarding the Brand Registry program. Essentially, this new process involves two more steps. To start, brand owners will not have to provide Amazon with at least one image of your brand name/logo/identifying mark on your product/packing. Additionally, brand owners are now required to provide at least one ASIN for every product category that you include your product in. Amazon has stated that this is to assist Brand Registry in identifying the brand being enrolled. If your brand is not sold on Amazon, you can supply report product categories instead of supplying an ASIN. To learn more about the Brand Registry program and what this new change may mean for you, continue reading and speak with our experienced team.

What is the Brand Registry program?

Essentially, when an Amazon Seller enrolls in the Brand Registry program, he or she will unlock a set of tools, provided by Amazon, to help grow their business. The program will provide you with tools to create ads and spread awareness of your business, help you create rich content and images designed to draw potential customers in, and will allow you to promote your brand with your very own multi-page store. You will also gain access to analytics to see how your business is doing and whether your marketing strategies are paying off.

Enrolling in this program will also help you protect your brand, giving you access to Amazon’s automated protections, which will essentially use information regarding your brand to remove any potentially infringing or inaccurate content. The program will also help you manage your brand’s product listings, help you report any potential violations, and more.

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