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Amazon vs. Department Stores

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Amazon vs. Department Stores

Amazon vs. Department Stores

Forbes has recently announced some good news for Amazon sellers. The business news source revealed that over 76 percent of people who are considered Macy’s “core shoppers” over the course of the 2016 holiday retail season also shopped online at Amazon. The same research shows that only 67 percent of people who are considered the core shopping group of Macy’s actually did their shopping in the store. With each passing year, trends show that more people are shopping online at Amazon than they are in big box stores, such as Macy’s, Walmart, etc.

Amazon makes it easy for shoppers to get what they want without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. Consumers have become more reliant than ever on Amazon Prime and it’s free two-day shipping feature. This is a major selling point for many customers. Amazon sellers should consider choosing the free shipping option because it may bring in more customers and in turn, more profit. Macy’s and other department stores are such a big part of America’s history of consumerism and therefore, it will be interesting to continue watching the shopping trends shift towards online shopping.

It is important for Amazon sellers to be aware of the news that can impact your business and give you an idea of the future of shopping in America. If you have questions about becoming an Amazon seller or improving your existing Amazon business, it may be beneficial to discuss a business plan with an experienced Amazon accountant who can assist you.

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