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Amazon’s Bookstore Opens in NYC

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Amazon’s Bookstore Opens in NYC

Amazon’s Bookstore Opens in NYC

Although Amazon is an online marketplace and seems to be the biggest threat hanging over brick and mortar stores around the world, Amazon actually just opened a brick and mortar store itself. Amazon Books, a bookstore home to 3,000 titles, opened on May 25 in Manhattan. The bookstore caters to Amazon Prime members, where they can scan the book and use their Amazon accounts to pay. For those who aren’t Amazon Prime Members, they will just pay the list price of the book. However, if you are planning on checking out the store, be aware that you can only pay through your Amazon account or with a credit card because cash is not accepted.

This location is the first of two opening this year in Manhattan, with an additional 6 bookstores planning to open across the United States in 2017. There are currently already 6 Amazon Books stores, with this opening being the seventh. Not only can customers purchase books here, they can also shop for one of Amazon’s methods of reading the books your purchase. These include the various Kindle products, the Echo, and the newly released Dot, also made by Amazon.

It will be interesting to see whether Amazon Books is successful or if customers will just prefer to continue shopping online as the company has encouraged for years.

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