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Amazon’s Whole Foods Takeover Means Serious Price Cuts

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Amazon’s Whole Foods Takeover Means Serious Price Cuts

Amazon’s Whole Foods Takeover Means Serious Price Cuts

Whole Foods, the upscale grocery store, has been notorious over the years for its high prices. In fact, there was even a lawsuit a few years back about Whole Foods gauging the prices of food for no real reason other than the fact that they wanted to. Amazon officially took over Whole Foods this week and it resulted in a price cut for certain products, which certainly came to the delight of many shoppers. For example, Organic Fuji Apples saw a 43% price cut, Organic Avocados saw a 29% price cut, and Whole Trade Bananas saw a 38% price cut. These price cuts are sure to draw in more Whole Foods customers because many people who couldn’t afford the high prices but wanted to shop organic may now be able to.

It will be interesting to see whether this trend continues for the future relationship of Amazon and Whole Foods. Amazon has been trying to enter the grocery market more and more, and has already gone down similar routes such as Amazon Pantry, its own line of wine, among others.

Whole Foods will now become much more competitive since prices have become much more reasonable. Amazon seems to be great at dominating the online market, so it is only fair to assume they will now try to do the same with grocery.

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