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Apple TV Finally Allows Amazon Prime Video

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Apple TV Finally Allows Amazon Prime Video

Apple TV Finally Allows Amazon Prime Video

For so long, Apple TV did not allow Amazon’s Prime Video App on its platform. This week, this policy has changed and those who are opting for streaming boxes over cable are rejoicing. This decision also comes after Google removed YouTube from Amazon Fire, another streaming box option. Google claims this is in response to Amazon’s refusal to sell some of Google’s products. Interestingly enough, despite the fact that Amazon’s FireTV has had it’s YouTube privileges revoked, Google’s streaming box, Chromecast, still has access to the Amazon Prime Video app. Whether Amazon will revoke Chromecast’s Prime Video access is still up in the air but it will certainly be something to keep an eye on.

In addition, after these changes, only Roku and Apple TV have access to both YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. However, the Apple TV is a much more expensive option for consumers in comparison to the Roku. However, die-hard Apple fans much prefer that all of their devices are streamlined and can connect to each other in the way that Apple TV can connect to your iPhone or your Mac computers.

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