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Autonomous Delivery Service Amazon Scout Starts in WA

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Autonomous Delivery Service Amazon Scout Starts in WA

Autonomous Delivery Service Amazon Scout Starts in Snohomish County, WA

It seems as though Amazon is always innovating and with that, comes new ways to deliver their products to consumers faster and more efficiently than ever before. With Amazon headquarters being in Seattle, many people living in and just outside of the city are often first to experience some of the new technology. This week, Amazon began delivering packages in a neighborhood in Snohomish County, Washington, via electric six-wheeled vehicles. This new means of delivery is being referred to as Amazon Scout. Currently, these robots are being used to move inventory throughout Amazon warehouses.

These new delivery vehicles are only about the size of a small cooler and travel via sidewalks at about the same pace as a pedestrian would walk. Amazon Scout is currently only starting with six delivery vehicles but is expected to expand. Packages will be delivered by Amazon Scout during daylight hours between Monday and Friday. As the program kicks off, these vehicles will be accompanied by an employee from Amazon to ensure all products are being safely delivered.

Before taking Amazon Scout to the streets, the product went through significant research and development at an Amazon lab in Seattle. The Amazon Scout team was tasked with determining how the delivery vehicles would safely navigate around pedestrians, pets, fire hydrants, and other barriers that might get in the way. While the Amazon Scout is still technically testing in Snohomish County, don’t expect this delivery method to reach your neck of the woods for quite some time.

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