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How can I become qualified to sell my services on Amazon?

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How can I become qualified to sell my services on Amazon?

Amazon has begun allowing professionals in a variety of fields to use their website as a means to market themselves and sell their services. Selling Services will connect you with potential clients in your neighborhood who are looking for assistance in your field. This is a great way to expand your clientele within your community and establish yourself as a trusted professional in your area of expertise.

Amazon wants to make sure that only qualified professionals who are truly skillful are able to sell their services. In order to begin selling your professional services on Amazon, you must meet a number of requirements that will allow you to be considered qualified in the eyes of Amazon. First, you will have to submit an application that determines whether you are actually a professional in your field and will take steps to verify your business. Amazon will then conduct a background check on your business. If your services require your business to enter a customer’s home, they will also conduct background checks on each individual employee at your business that would enter a customer’s home to perform services. Amazon will require you to prove that your business is fully licensed and has the authorization to perform services for your customers. In addition, Amazon will check to verify that you have the required amounts of insurance for your business.

If you have questions about selling your professional services on Amazon, consult with an experienced Amazon accountant who can provide you with assistance.

If you are an Amazon seller and require the assistance of an experienced Certified Public Accountant, please contact Ebiz Accounting for an initial consultation.

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