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Upcoming Changes to Buyer-Initiated Order Cancellations | What To Know

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Upcoming Changes to Buyer-Initiated Order Cancellations | What To Know

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Effective May 10, 2022, Amazon will be implementing changes to how they will conduct buyer-initiated order cancellations. According to the release, these changes are intended to simplify the process of managing buyer cancellation requests for seller-fulfilled orders. But how will these upcoming changes impact your business’s bottom line? For more information on this question, please continue reading, then reach out to AVASK Group.

How is Amazon changing its buyer-initiated order cancellations process?

Specific changes will affect sellers depending on how they are selling their products:

For those who use Seller Central:

  • For each buyer-initiated cancellation, cancellation requests will appear in a banner on the Manage orders page.
  • You will no longer receive Notifications through Buyer-Seller messaging.
  • You can enable the Buyer-Requested Cancel field to see cancellation requests in your Order reports if you use Order reports to process orders.

For those who use APIs:

  • By using the List Order Item API, you can now view buyer cancellation requests through your own systems.
  • You can continue to cancel orders through API feeds on Seller Central or with a file upload once you import the buyer cancellation requests.

How do Amazon’s upcoming changes affect sellers?

While sellers might occasionally be inconvenienced by having a customer request a cancellation and having to redirect the said customer to cancel their order on the Your Orders page, these changes will mostly streamline the process, saving you much-needed time and money that you could reinvest elsewhere in your business. Of course, every business will be impacted differently. Both new and existing Amazon sellers are advised to reach out to our team for a more thorough discussion of what these and other recent announcements mean for your business. Please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

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