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Congress’ Big Tech Antitrust Bills Prompt Amazon to Email Sellers Warnings

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Congress’ Big Tech Antitrust Bills Prompt Amazon to Email Sellers Warnings

Amazon has emailed large third-party merchants to warn them of the upcoming big tech antitrust bills. Continue reading to learn more about the warning from Amazon and how these bills may impact the big tech company. What will this mean for Amazon’s future?

Congress’ Big Tech Antitrust Bills Prompt Amazon to Email Sellers Warnings

Amazon is reaching out to third-party merchants in an attempt to warn them of the proposed antitrust reforms in Congress. They are stating that these reforms could limit third-party merchants’ ability to hawk their wares on its marketplace. Amazon’s public policy team sent out these emails to only a small number of sellers who all have successful businesses on its marketplace. The email was a request to set up meetings to discuss the legislation for more information. The email asked sellers to arrange a phone meeting with a member of Amazon’s policy team.

This legislation mentioned in the emails was approved in June by the House of Judiciary Committee which aimed at overhauling U.S. antitrust laws. It is believed that this is an attempt to reel in the power of Big Tech. This legislature has sparked many conversations and concerns for sellers over the past few months. Amazon has been reached out to regarding this legislature by their sellers regarding how the bills will affect them.

The bills that went to markup would make it more difficult for tech companies to complete mergers, and make it easier for state attorneys general to choose where to bring antitrust cases. They would also allow federal regulators to sue to break up companies that operate a dominant platform and own or operate a business that presents a clear conflict of interest. The bills will also prevent tech companies from discrimination against other businesses on their own services and will mandate data portability between services.

On top of this, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine filed a lawsuit accusing Amazon of abusing its market dominance by pricing contacts with third-party sellers in May. Plus, they also face an antitrust probe by New York and California. An FTC investigation has also been opened looking into Amazon’s business practices in retail and cloud computing. The Department of Justice has also opened a broad antitrust review of Big Tech.

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