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Dash Wand makes it easy to scan products at home

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Dash Wand makes it easy to scan products at home

Dash Wand makes it easy to scan products at home

A few years ago, Amazon debuted the Dash button. It basically allows you to keep a button for a specific product where you normally keep the product in your home. When you’re running out, you press the button and the product shows up in your Amazon cart. What more could you want? Well, now, you can get the Dash Wand. The wand allows you to scan the barcode of the product and it will be entered into your virtual shopping cart.

The Dash Wand has been upgraded so now it can be controlled by Amazon’s voice service, Alexa. Currently, the Wand will only be available to those who have Prime memberships. The Alexa feature comes into play because if you don’t want to scan the barcode, you can simply press the button and tell Alexa what needs to be ordered. The next thing you know, the product will be on its way. You will have to purchase the device for $20 but, once your Wand device is registered, Amazon will give you a $20 credit to spend on your first purchase, so it’s basically free. This product has additional features, including being water resistant so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if you try to use it while cleaning up a spill.

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