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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Brand Registry

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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry was first launched in 2015. Brand Registry allows users to solidify their brand identity and offer their customers an elevated experience. Over 500,000 brands are enrolled in Brand Registry worldwide. This program is crucial for many successful Amazon businesses. To discover if this program is meant for you and your brand, continue reading.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon’s Brand Registry program allows approved brand owners to be on file with Amazon as trademarked brands. This allows brand owners to gain access to Amazon services that are unavailable to unregistered brands or resellers.

To become an approved brand owner of the Brand Registry program, United States-based brands must file an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This may take several months to be completed. It is recommended that you retain the services of a lawyer for this process.

However, there is also an alternation method that reduces this wait time. You can connect with an Amazon partnered intellectual property attorney with the Amazon IP Accelerator services. With the assistance of your attorney, you will file for the trademark and have your products approved for Brand Registry with a pending trademark application.

Can I enroll in the Brand Registry?

If you meet any of the following qualifications, you can enroll in Amazon’s Brand Registry:

  • Distributors with licensed trademarks
  • Manufacturers or private label brand owners
  • Individuals with written permission from a brand owner to manage a product detail page

What are the benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry?

There are many benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry. The following are some of the most valuable features for brand owners:

  • More control over product detail pages
  • The capability to provide advanced seller support
  • The ability to list products with different product identifications outside of UPC and EAN codes
  • Access to predictive automation. This is based on machine learning algorithms

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