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How can my Amazon store benefit from Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program?

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How can my Amazon store benefit from Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program?

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As an Amazon seller, before your products reach an Amazon fulfillment center, they have to undergo the shipping process. Shipping your products to the nearest Amazon fulfillment center will cost you a pretty penny. Many Amazon sellers have a hard time minimizing their expenses as a result of expensive shipping costs. However, to resolve this issue and save FBA sellers a substantial amount of money on shipping, the Amazon Partnered Carrier Program was implemented. With Amazon launching its Partnered Carrier Program, they are providing sellers with cost-effective shipping rates. With years of experience handling the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace, you can trust our Amazon Seller Advice and Guidance. Please continue reading to learn how your Amazon brand can benefit from Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program. 

What is Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program?

Essentially, the Amazon Partnered Carrier Program (APCP) was designed to provide a cost-effective shipping method for Amazon FBA sellers. The Amazon Partnered Carrier program is particularly beneficial as it offers discounted shipping fees for FBA sellers shipping their products to an Amazon warehouse. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, shipping products to Amazon fulfillment centers can be expensive, especially for Amazon sellers just getting their boots off the ground. Fortunately, Amazon has made an effort to negotiate rates with carriers such as FedEx and UPS to offer FBA sellers discounted shipping fees when transporting their products. This program is beneficial for shipping both small and large parcel deliveries. Businesses are seeing lower rates for domestic shipments. Another benefit of Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program is that it speeds up the process of shipping and deliveries which ultimately increases customers’ fulfillment experience. However, it is pertinent to note that this service is only eligible for FBA Amazon brands. Moreover, it is also imperative to note that the cost of small parcel shipments is estimated based on the information sellers give about the weight and dimensions of the box. If an FBA seller does not provide this service with accurate shipment information, this will result in barring future shipments to the Amazon fulfillment center or an additional fee. Furthermore, you should consider Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program because if a package gets damaged or lost, Amazon will cover it. In addition, as an FBA seller, you will have access to track your products being shipped to customers. Ultimately, if you are an FBA seller looking for a cost-effective method of shipping, consider Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program.

If you are interested in cutting shipping costs to generate larger sales, you should consider Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Program. Our trusted team is adept at all fields related to the Amazon marketplace and is ready to guide you in choosing cost-effective shipping methods to minimize your expenses.

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