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How can negative Amazon reviews affect the profitability of my business?

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How can negative Amazon reviews affect the profitability of my business?


To have a successful business on Amazon, sellers must take specific steps to increase their eCommerce reputation, as many brands have plummeted due to bad customer experiences. When customers are unsatisfied with a product they have purchased from your store, they may feel inclined to write negative reviews. A bad review can significantly affect whether people buy an item from your storefront. If you require assistance leveling up your eCommerce reputation, contact Ebiz Accounting for Amazon Seller Advice and Guidance today. Please continue reading to learn about Amazon’s newly released feature, “Contact the Buyer.” 

Can negative Amazon reviews damage my brand’s reputation?

Amazon has recently released a feature called Contact the Buyer, which opens the door for sellers to use negative reviews regarding their business as an opportunity to improve their customer’s experience. It is critical to note that this feature is only available to Brand Registered Sellers. This feature can significantly help you maintain your eCommerce reputation. Unfortunately, shoppers are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive ones. That said, one bad review can overshadow multiple positive reviews.

To help Amazon sellers improve their brand trust, they now offer a platform where you can reach out to buyers who purchased your branded product directly from you. This way, you can address the critical review and discover how to improve your customer’s experience. Sometimes, they may take down the review after you have had the opportunity to address the customer’s issue. Despite being unable to remove their review, you can control how you respond to negative reviews. Instead of allowing them to get the best of you, you can consider the review and examine how you can do better next time.

How to respond?

Responding to a bad product review on Amazon can be challenging as you do not want your customer to think you do not care about customer satisfaction. However, in some cases, bad reviews are not legitimate. When they are legitimate, you should remain professional. You should use open communication and refrain from making the situation personal. Many make the mistake of taking a bad product review as a personal attack which results in them lashing out at their customer. Responding to the review as quickly as possible is beneficial to show your brand cares about customer satisfaction. You should pay attention to bad reviews as they may contain valuable information about areas where your brand can improve. Nevertheless, always keep it professional and demonstrate that you care about establishing brand trust.

If you are a Brand-Registered Seller on Amazon looking to level up your eCommerce reputation and improve customer satisfaction, contact Ebiz Accounting today. Our team is prepared to work tirelessly to help combat bad reviews.

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