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How Much Does it Cost to Become an Amazon Seller?

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How Much Does it Cost to Become an Amazon Seller?

How Much Does it Cost to be an Amazon Seller?

If you are considering becoming an Amazon Seller, you are most likely wondering how much becoming one will cost. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Amazon CPA today to learn more. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the differences between selling plans on Amazon?

Amazon offers two types of selling plans: Individual and Professional. If you choose the Individual selling plan, Amazon will charge you $0.99 per item sold, as well as additional fees, and if you choose Professional, Amazon will simply charge you $39.99 per month, as well as additional fees, regardless of how many items you sell. The Individual selling plan may be best for you if you sell less than 40 items per month, if you are just starting your business, or if you are still considering which items are worth selling. On the other hand, the Professional plan may be best for you if you sell 40 or more items per month, you plan on using advanced selling tools, you are looking for top placement on product detail pages, and more.

What is a referral fee?

When you sell an item through Amazon, Amazon will charge you a referral fee, which means they will take a percentage of your earnings on every item sold. In most cases, referral fees are anywhere from 8% to 15%, depending on the type of item sold.

What is a fulfillment fee?

The fulfillment fee you have to pay largely depends upon whether you wish to fulfill item shipment on your own, or if you wish to use Fulfillment By Amazon, or FBA. Many Amazon Sellers find that they save money by choosing to fulfill their orders using FBA, however, whether you will save money largely depends upon your individual situation. Our experienced Amazon CPA can help you determine which method of fulfillment is best for you.

Are there any additional costs?

Depending on your business, there are certain additional costs that you may encounter, including rental book service fees, inventory fees, refund administration fees, and high-volume listing fees. Additionally, in many cases, if you plan on advertising on Amazon, you will have to pay various fees concerning advertising as well. If you have any additional questions, feel free to give our experienced team a call today. We are here to help.

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