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How to Ensure Your Product is Authentic and Top Quality

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How to Ensure Your Product is Authentic and Top Quality

How to Ensure Your Product is Authentic and Top Quality

As an Amazon Seller, you understand that there is nothing more important than making your customers happy. Of course, when a customer orders an item from you, they expect it to arrive as advertised. You are most likely on top of this at all times, however, sometimes, if you do not produce your product yourself, you may be unsure of where your product is coming from, who is making it, and whether they are a trustworthy supplier. For this very reason, you should always do the following to help ensure your listings are accurate, your merchandise is as advertised, and your suppliers are honest.

  • Research your manufacturer. Read up on their reviews, what customers say about them, and whether they are a trustworthy source.
  • Always sell your products under the correct ASIN. There is a wealth of information regarding correctly labeling your ASIN readily available within your Amazon Seller account.
  • Accurately describe your products. Do not describe them as something they are not, and be as specific as possible. Additionally, if your product is not a brand name product, do not describe it as such. The opposite is also true; do not label your product as a generic one if it is a brand name product.
  • Ensure that when you ship your products out that they are always carefully packed so that they arrive in one piece once your customer receives them.
  • Always document every transaction when purchasing your product from a manufacturer. This includes invoices, purchase orders, and more.

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