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How to Improve Sales on Amazon This Holiday Season

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How to Improve Sales on Amazon This Holiday Season

One of the most important aspects of success on Amazon is having optimized content linked to your product. To learn more about search optimization on Amazon and how you can use it to help you increase your sales this holiday season, please continue reading.

If you are enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry program, you can utilize “A+ Content.” To increase your sales, ensure you use strong, aesthetically-pleasing branding, and include pictures of your product next to your company logo. The easier the picture is for a customer to break down and take in, the better. Additionally, you should always make it a point to include images of your product being used as the consumer would use it. For example, if you are selling a lawnmower, you should use pictures of the lawnmower being used, rather than solely using pictures of the lawnmower against a plain white background.

Secondly, you should be continuously updating your backend keywords. You can find the backend keywords section for your Amazon product listing in Amazon Seller Central for any given ASIN. These keywords will not be featured on your detail page, however, they serve the purpose of giving Amazon more information about your product so it can better index them for display in search. It is generally best to avoid duplicating keywords in titles, avoid irrelevant keywords, and include lots of common abbreviations and alternative names.

Feel free to use the Amazon Experiments Learning Center for A+ Content. Amazon recently released this helpful feature, which allows you to test your own content to better learn how it resonates with your audience.

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