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How to Prepare for Prime Day 2022

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How to Prepare for Prime Day 2022

How to Prepare for Prime Day 2022

Amazon is the top online global retailer with high market capitalization and is growing at a tremendous rate. Last year total e-commerce sales for Amazon on Prime Day was $11 billion. Learn how you can make the most on this year’s Prime Day by contacting our Amazon Seller Certified Public Accountant.

What is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day event when thousands of businesses offer deals on their products on Amazon. People normally wait to order things on Amazon Prime day, so they can make big purchases and get the best discount or deal on the product.

Amazon Prime Day falls on Tuesday, June 21st this year.

Why do I need to prepare for Prime Day early this year?

Early preparation is needed this year, because of the ongoing global supply chain challenges associated with the pandemic. Contact Amazon Seller Advice and Guidance for more information. It may take longer than usual to get inventory to fulfillment centers. Make sure to stock up on sufficient inventory of your products in advance.

Other factors that can affect your shipment include logistics, weather, customs clearance, and carrier-related issues. Be sure to consider these factors when sending shipments, to ensure that they arrive in a timely manner without affecting subsequent listing and sales.

How do I prepare for Prime Day as an Amazon Business Owner?

You can prepare for Prime Day by doing the two following things:

Participate in Prime Day by creating a deal.

There are four prompts for creating a deal after selecting Create a new deal in the Deals Dashboard:

  • Select Products
  • Schedule Deal
  • Configure Deal
  • Review & Submit

Make sure your deals are submitted by April 29.

Plan and send your shipment so that it arrives at fulfillment centers before June 20.

We understand that being an Amazon business owner can be complicated and stressful, especially during this time of year and with all of the supply chain issues associated with the pandemic. If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance to you reach out to our office today.

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