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How to Use Amazon Live for Your Brand

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How to Use Amazon Live for Your Brand

Amazon Live is a feature on Amazon that allows brands to reach their target audience and promote upcoming sales and new products. Amazon Live is a QVC-style broadcast that is used to boost product visibility. The feature is a channel for both sellers and vendors to join their customers in a shopping experience. Brands can connect with their customers by utilizing the feature. They may even gain new ones. To learn more about Amazon Live and how you can utilize the feature, continue reading.

What is Amazon Live?

Individuals and brands alike can host on Amazon Live to engage with shoppers in real-time. This is a way to showcase products as a part of their customer’s shopping experience. Brands can even pay to have a host discuss their products on a live show. For example, a host can promote a Lighting Deal or Fashion Find on their live broadcast. Sellers can broadcast their own live shows through a new app by Amazon called the Amazon Live Creator. Shoppers can view live streams on their website through this feature to engage with their customers in the moment through a live chat. The products that are being promoted will be displayed on a carousel feature for easy shopping.

How can I utilize Amazon Live for my brand?

Vendors and sellers who are brand registered and sell in the United States have access the Amazon live feature. Take the following steps to get started with this feature:

  • Download the Amazon Live Creator mobile app
  • Decide which products you would like to feature in the live stream
  • Go live or schedule to go live at a later time
  • Going live can be done through your phone or an external camera

Live streaming your products on the Amazon Live self-service option comes at no cost. Your live stream will be accessible to shoppers on your product detail page, Amazon.com, and the Amazon app. All live streams can be found on Amazon.com/live. To get started with this new feature today, download the mobile app.

If you have any further questions about how to improve your Amazon business, do not hesitate to contact our experience Amazon CPA.  We would be more than happy to assist you. Give us a call today to begin.

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