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How to Use Amazon Posts for your Brand

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How to Use Amazon Posts for your Brand

Amazon Posts was released in October 2019 as a new way to explore products on Amazon. To decide if this feature is right for your brand, we’ve answered a few of the most common questions you might have about Amazon Posts:

What are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is a way for shoppers to discover new products by browsing their feeds. It is essentially the social media platform for Amazon. Combine Instagram photos with shoppable Amazon products and you’ve created Amazon Posts. You are able to post direct links to products, share details within the captions, and most importantly, grab attention from prospective customers through your product photos. Amazon Posts gives you the opportunity to gain followers who will see your posts more often and to monetize your products for free on similar product pages. Creating an Amazon Posts feed is essentially free advertising that has the possibility to be monetized on competitors’ listings. In Amazon’s words, Amazon Posts is a “visual storytelling opportunity within the US Amazon mobile shopping experience.”

Am I eligible for Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts are available for sellers on the United States marketplace. To be eligible for Amazon Posts, you must be part of the Amazon Brand Registry as a brand registered account. Vendors and active Amazon DSP advertisers are also eligible for Amazon Posts. You must also have a store on Amazon that is linked to your brand’s byline on the product detail page. Be sure that your store is associated with your brand’s Advertising Console or Seller Central account.

How can I use Amazon Posts for my brand?

The first step in creating your first Amazon Post is to be sure you are signed in to your Seller Central or advertising account. You will access the Amazon Posts feature through the advertising tab on Seller Central. To begin creating your first post, upload a quality image of one of your products with high resolution. It is best to choose a lifestyle image that will draw people to your post and interest them in your product. Write a short and direct caption that advertises your product to your desired audience. Schedule the post to be uploaded, and you’ve completed your first Amazon Post. When an Amazon customer sees your post, they can click on the image to shop the products you have tagged. The post will take the customer to your item’s product listing instantly.

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