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Impact of Amazon’s Increased Physical Footprint

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Impact of Amazon’s Increased Physical Footprint

What is the Impact of Amazon’s Increased Physical Footprint?

As Amazon rapidly continues it’s global online takeover, it is quickly expanding in the physical world as well. It seems as though Amazon is doing what everybody else did, just backwards. Most stores went from heavy physical brick and mortar presences and gradually grew their online stores. Amazon started off as the world’s biggest online retailer and is now slowly but surely creating a physical presence for itself. A few factors are leading to this development. Some of these include its massive expansion at its Seattle headquarters, its search for a second headquarters in another city, its partnership with Whole Foods, and now, its partnership with Kohls. Not only is Amazon partnering with brick and mortar stores, it has also opened about 10 bookstores of its own. Whole Foods has 465 locations, which grew Amazon’s brick and mortar presence significantly.

Amazon’s stock prices are on the rise, which goes to show that their strategy is clearly working. Not only is Amazon going further into brick and mortar, they also announced the creation of five new machine learning services. This is a form of artificial intelligence that allows products to learn new information without being programmed.

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