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Last Minute Black Friday Tips for Amazon Sellers

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Last Minute Black Friday Tips for Amazon Sellers

This Black Friday, your work is not done as an Amazon seller. There are many ways to take advantage of the shopping holiday for your business. Continue reading to learn more.

Don’t forget about Cyber Monday!

The excitement of Black Friday takes the cake when it comes to shopping, but don’t forget to consider Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is especially important for Amazon listings. This is why it is important that you do not focus all of your energy on one of the two shopping holidays. Make sure to set up deals and sales for both!

Plus, a lot of shoppers get overwhelmed with in-person sales on Friday and take Cyber Monday as a way to settle down and online shop for the rest of their presents. Be sure to wrack in those customers for both days.

Stock Up

It is of course important to stock up on inventory for the specific sales coming up and to prepare for the increase in traffic, but it is equally as important to stock up through the entire holiday season. One of the worst things an Amazon seller can do is run out of inventory when sales are up. This is even true for last-minute shoppers, just days before Christmas.

Use Black Friday to research trending products.

Take Black Friday as a research holiday. Black Friday is a perfect chance to see what products are selling like crazy. You do not have to commit to selling this product all year round or even making it a big part of your line. This is a great chance to add some fun new products to your storefront. Black Friday offers a great chance for Amazon sellers to source trending products. Dedicate an hour or two of your time to this on Friday.

Load up your inventory.

Black Friday is not only a great opportunity for shoppers, but for sellers as well. Take advantage of the cheap items on sale and stock up on inventory for after the holidays so that you can make a great return selling those products later for a boosted price. Black Friday does not always have to be about selling. Be one step ahead!

As an Amazon seller, you may want to reach out to an Amazon CPA, especially around the holidays. Contact Ebiz Accounting for an initial consultation with our experienced Certified Public Accountant. We would be happy to assist you in expanding your business.

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