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Maximizing Your Profits as an Amazon Sellers | Steps to Take

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Maximizing Your Profits as an Amazon Sellers | Steps to Take

To learn the top tips to consider to maximize your profits as an Amazon seller, continue reading and reach out to our Amazon CPA.

How can I maximize my profits as an Amazon seller?

It is always a goal for anyone who sells on Amazon to increase their profits. Besides having a successful and worthwhile product or products in your inventory, there are a few additional tips to consider to maximize your profits as an Amazon seller. To learn these tips, continue reading and reach out to our experienced team:

  • Size: Believe it or not, the size of your product has a huge impact on your profits. You must ensure that your product is of optimal size. This means that if you have a larger product to try and consolidate your packaging to fit the smallest tier of the FBA fulfillment fee. This might also mean taking the step to measure and keep track of your product’s dimensions. It is common for Amazon to enter the wrong dimensions, which means that you might be charged more than you should. Go through your inventory with the dimension you know to be true to see if this is occurring on your fulfillment fees. If you point this mistake out to Amazon by opening a case, you will be issued a refund.
  • Bundle: Products that are bought together can always be sold in bundles or two-packs. If you can bundle the products that will be sold together, you may only have to pay to ship once, rather than twice.
  • Categories: There are many product categories you chose from when creating your product listing. Each category on amazon has a different referral fee. If you can choose a specific category, you may pay less of a percentage in fees.
  • Stranded Inventory: If you have items with expired listings or otherwise stranded inventory, you may have less storage space which means that you are likely being charged more for long-term storage fees. Be sure that you have no “stranded inventory” and that your entire inventory is either sold, reimbursed, or currently in stock.

For any additional questions regarding your business, do not hesitate to give our experienced Amazon CPA a call to learn how we can benefit your business and assist you in growing as an Amazon seller. Reach out to our team today to discuss how we can collaborate. We are always here to help.

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