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New Amazon New York Office Seeks 2,000 Employees

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New Amazon New York Office Seeks 2,000 Employees

New Amazon New York Office Seeks 2,000 Employees

As cities across North America begin to battle it out for Amazon’s second headquarters, the company continues to expand in our own backyard. Amazon is opening a 360,000 square foot office building in New York City. To support such a large facility, the company plans to hire an additional 2,000 employees. This space will primarily be used for Amazon Fashion, advertising, and Amazon Web Services.

Not only will New York City welcome this new office with open arms, the state has provided $20 million in tax credits to support Amazon’s move to the city. In addition to bringing 2,000 jobs to Manhattan, the company will also build its first fulfillment center in Staten Island. This center will result in an additional 2,250 new hires for the area.

Some wonder whether these new developments indicate whether Amazon will decide to bring it’s second headquarters to the New York metropolitan area. However, like any other move Amazon makes, there are mixed opinions. Some believe that Amazon is expanding too far and may be the end of commerce as we know it while others encourage the expansion.

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