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Why do I need to hire an accountant?

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Why do I need to hire an accountant?

Why do I need to hire an accountant?

tax-return-bgI’ve spoken with a lot of people through conferences and over the phone who have called me up and asked me why shouldn’t they just take a class or one of the bookkeeping courses that are offered out there and just try to do the books themselves. Well, one can do that and hopefully they would do it the right way. One of the problems with that is that if you do it yourself, you may not be doing it right and you would not know it if you did it incorrectly. One of the reasons why a lot of people may try to do that is they may say that hiring a CPA may be too expensive to do their taxes and bookkeeping for them. However, you will find yourself in more trouble if you produce inaccurate financials.

I found that cost is probably one of the big reasons why people try to do the bookkeeping themselves and may not hire someone like myself. Over the past 10 years of doing this, that question has come up a lot and I’ve made sure to price myself at such a level of affordability that anyone from the smallest Amazon client to the biggest amazon client can afford the services that I provide to help them get their books and taxes done. This makes dealing with the government to be a non-issue so that a seller like yourself can just focus on what you do best and that’s selling.

Amazon sellers may face a number of complications in their financials, especially those who are selling their inventory in different states. It is in your best interest to speak with an accountant who understands the difficulties that Amazon sellers face to ensure your financials are appropriately handled.

If you are an Amazon seller and require the assistance of an experienced Certified Public Accountant, please contact Ebiz Accounting for an initial consultation. 

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