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Tips for Creating Engaging Videos for Amazon Listings

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Tips for Creating Engaging Videos for Amazon Listings

Adding videos to your Amazon listings allows customers to see your product in action without having to leave the comfort of their homes. It is hard to replace the physical experience of seeing and touching a product in stores. However, videos can offer an interactive and up-close experience that comes close to the real thing. To learn more about creating an engaging video for your Amazon listings, continue reading.

Tips for Creating Videos for Amazon Listings

  • Use text and graphics: It is very common for Amazon customers to view a video on an Amazon listing without the sound on. To interact with these viewers, text and graphics are a great way to portray your message. Let your customers know about the best features of your item by using these features within your video.
  • Use music: When customers do watch your video with the sound on, you will want to use royalty-free music that will pull the video together and set the tone for the types of customers you are trying to rack in.
  • Be consistent: Your brand and product listings need to be cohesive. You want to create an online presence for your brand that makes sense. You can start with the way you put your listings together. Using consistent branding helps buyers to easily recognize your products. Comfort goes a long way in the online shopping experience. Add a logo to the end of each of your videos and use similar colors and fonts for text overlays. Also, add a video to each of your product listings so your customers know what to expect when browsing.
  • Keep it short: There is a very short window of time for customers when they are making a decision to purchase your product, or not. With this in mind, it is best to keep your video short and sweet. Get right to the point. Your products should be front and center as soon as the video begins. Showcase each of the most important features within 10 to 15 seconds max.
  • Quality is key: Your videos should be professional and high quality. Listings with quality videos prove to your shoppers that they are buying from a brand, not just an Amazon seller.

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