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Tips to Consider for Creating Photos for Amazon Listings

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Tips to Consider for Creating Photos for Amazon Listings

There are many tips to consider when creating photos for your Amazon listing. It is important to capture your product in a way that will draw customers in and want to learn more. If you have been struggling to benefit from listing photos, consider the following tips to give your listing a boost. Continue reading to learn the top six tips to consider when creating photos for your Amazon listing.

What to consider when creating photos for your Amazon listing

Be aware of Amazon’s requirements: Before we get into the details of your listing’s photos, the first step you should take is to make sure your photos meet Amazon’s requirements. Before even shooting a single photo, it is best to refresh your memory on the requirements you will have to make. Your images will need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Photos must be saved as one of the following files: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  • Photos’ color mode must be sRGB or CMYK
  • Your photos should be a minimum of 1,000 pixels in height or width
  • Your photos require a product identifier and the filename extension
  • Your photos must not use dashes, spaces, or additional characters

Use all of the allowed photos: Amazon will allow each of your listings to have eight images. To take advantage of this, it is important that you utilize each of these image slots.

Include an infographic: Infographics allows customers to learn relevant details about your product that could persuade them to add the product to their cart.

Detail the size: Add an image that shows the perspective of the product that will portray the size. For example, if the product is jewelry, add the jewelry to the wrist of a person to see how it will look in use while also providing details about the exact size and dimensions of the product.

Utilize lifestyle images: Lifestyle images allow the customer to visualize the product in use. If the product is a pillow, show it on the bed among other pillows and comfy blankets to put the full picture into the customer’s mind.

Add a video: Add a video featuring the benefits of the product toward the end of your listing that will help customers to learn more about the specific features of your product.

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