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Updates to Remote Fulfillment with FBA Fees

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Updates to Remote Fulfillment with FBA Fees

Since 2018, businesses that participate in Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in the U.S. have been able to use Remote Fulfillment with FBA to make their U.S. inventory available for sale in Canada and Mexico. This program offers customers increased selection and gives sellers the opportunity to sell easily outside the U.S. For more information on Remote Fulfillment, please read on, then reach out to AVASK Group today.

How does Remote Fulfillment work?

Remote Fulfillment with FBA leverages both U.S. and international fulfillment operations. Over the course of the pandemic, Amazon has made significant investments in these operations to better serve sellers and their customers. Amazon has nearly doubled its fulfillment capacity and added over three-quarters of a million full- and part-time roles to enable tremendous growth for sellers, who have increased sales by more than seventy percent since Remote Fulfillment by FBA was put into effect.

What are the updates on Remote Fulfillment coming on June 30, 2022?

To reflect the changing costs of fulfillment, transportation, storage and customer service across North America, Amazon will be adjusting Remote Fulfillment with FBA fulfillment fees, effective June 30, 2022. These increases will be in line with or below industry-average increases for fulfillment services. Amazon will also include a dimensional weight adjustment in their rate calculations to better align with the standard FBA rate structure.

It should go without saying that any changes Amazon makes to its business model will have huge ramifications on its third-party sellers. With that in mind, you should strongly consider reaching out to Timothy E. Nelson, CPA as soon as possible. Together, you can discuss the viability of utilizing this service, how to implement it to your advantage and how to maximize your profit.

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