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What is Amazon A+ Content?

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What is Amazon A+ Content?

Utilizing Amazon A+ content has the potential to increase customer trust, boost product visibility, and increase conversion rates. It allows Amazon sellers to take one step beyond the basic content most sellers create. A+ content creates a seamless and inviting online shopping experience for your customers. Continue reading to discover who can use Amazon A+ content, what premium Amazon A+ content is, and the reasons to use this tool with your Amazon listings.

What is Amazon A+ content?

Amazon A+ content is a brand owner’s product description using enhanced images and video content. A+ content is a premium content feature that is used on listings to change the product description by using high-quality images, comparison charts of competitors, and HD videos. A+ content is for sellers who want to go beyond the usual content you would find under a basic product listing. It allows potential buyers to better understand the product features while creating an aesthetically pleasing online shopping experience for your customers.

Who can use Amazon A+ content?

A+ Content is a Vendor Central Program. This means that it is an invite-only program. Brand Owners and Professional Sellers have access to Amazon A+ content. Professional Sellers must be approved as Brand Owners via the Amazon Brand Registry program to be eligible.

What Is Premium Amazon A+ content?

Once you have been approved to use Amazon A+ content, there are two options to choose from: Basic A+ content or Premium A+ Content. Basic A+ allows you to use five standard modules. This option is free and available for every seller. Premium A+ gives you access to seven modules with extra features. This option is only available to brand owners and professional sellers approved as brand owners. Premium A+ content has four Self-Service Modules that each come with its own fee. You will choose from Basic, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Self-service modules have a price point of around $400 per listing. This will give you complete creative control over your listing’s design and layout. However, if you have limited knowledge on how to market or brand your product listings, you may be interested in the Amazon Builds option which will run around $1,500 per listing. Amazon will select the best-suited layout and design for your listing, all you will have to do is send your product’s images and content to Amazon, the rest of the work will be done for you.

Why use A+ content with your Amazon listings?

One of the top benefits of using A+ content with your Amazon listings is that it will grab the shopper’s attention. Featuring large HD images, videos, and plenty of explanation for your product’s features, your potential customers will be easily drawn in with A+ content.

A+ content will also help your conversion rate. Amazon has concluded that listings with A+ content typically have a 10% increase in sales. This is thanks to the improved buying experience A+ content offers. Finally, the last benefit of using A+ content is that you will increase your reviews and reduce your return rate. Amazon A+ content accelerates the purchasing process by having a better explanation and understanding of the product itself. This will result in less returns because the customer will find confidence in their product way before they unbox their purchase.

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