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What is the A-to-Z Guarantee?

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What is the A-to-Z Guarantee?

What is the A-to-Z Guarantee for Amazon Customers & Sellers?

Amazon ships out millions of products each year and wants to make sure every customer that orders something actually gets what they ordered. With so many customers, Amazon has to be pretty big on customer service and encourages its sellers to do the same. There are a number of different ways the company does so, one of which being the A-to-Z guarantee program.

The A-to-z guarantee program is utilized by customers who ordered a product and received the wrong item or never received the item at all. Amazon first encourages customers who have had an issue with their order to try to directly contact the seller. If the seller has not taken any measures to resolve the issue, the customer will be directed to file a claim with A-to-Z. Amazon will then consult with the seller about the customer’s issue and work to resolve it.

Amazon may require the seller to reimburse the customer if they determine that the seller was at fault and did not handle the matter properly. It is important for Amazon sellers to uphold a similar level of customer service to their customers that Amazon aims to.

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