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What to Know About Winning the Amazon Buy Box

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What to Know About Winning the Amazon Buy Box

Winning the Amazon Buy Box boosts your product’s visibility, and in return, your product’s revenue. It can be difficult to win the Buy Box for your product listing depending on the number of sellers offering a single product. To learn more about how to achieve the Buy Box, continue reading and contact our Amazon CPA, Timothy E. Nelson, CPA.

What is the purpose of the Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon wants to make the checkout and decision process easy for customers, especially considering how many sellers are on the platform. They do so by reducing the number of decisions to make. The Buy Box is a feature given to the product page that buyers will see when Amazon considered the listing the best deal compared to its competition. The listing that is awarded the Buy Box is separated from the other offers. This makes the check-out process simple for the customer. Winning the Buy Box is crucial for driving sales.

How does Amazon choose the Featured Offer?

Amazon considers various factors when making a decision to award the Buy Box. Consider the following factors that will be considered when attempting to make your product listing eligible for the Buy Box:

  • Positive reviews
  • Plenty of stock
  • The best possible price
  • The best return process
  • The best shipping time
  • Prime shipping fulfilled

What are the best tips to achieve the Buy Box?

When you are attempting to create a listing that is eligible for the Buy Box, you must consider offering customer service. Having a great A-to-Z Guarantee Claim Rate, little negative feedback, and a good standing credit card chargeback rate will show Amazon that you are working hard to satisfy your customers.

You should also keep stock available to prevent risking your product from not being considered for the Buy Box compared to listings that always have available stock. Finally, consider the pricing of your product. If you have a competitive price, and not necessarily the lowest price, this will increase your eligibility for the Buy Box rotation. A tip to keep on track of this is to use pricing software to keep up to date on the latest prices for your products.

If you have any further questions about improving your Amazon business, do not hesitate to contact our Amazon CPA, Timothy E. Nelson, CPA

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