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What You Need to Know About the Amazon Influencer Program

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What You Need to Know About the Amazon Influencer Program

What You Need to Know About the Amazon Influencer Program

Recently, Amazon has announced that live streamers can now earn commissions when individuals purchase the products they promote in their steams. Amazon has had the Amazon Influencer Program since 2017, however, now, they have added live streaming to the Influencer program. In the Influencer Program, “influencers” on social media receive their own Amazon URL, wherein they can promote certain products. Now that live-streaming is available, it will be featured on Amazon’s site for all who browse to see.

If you are an influencer, you may use the Amazon Live platform to promote certain products, what you like about them, and talk about why you think others should buy them, and now, you may earn commissions for doing so. Amazon Live features a wide array of shopping categories, including beauty, electronics, cooking, fitness, and more.

If you are someone who wishes to promote certain items on Amazon Live, you can do so through the Amazon Live Creator App, wherein you can showcase certain products and answer potential customer’s questions about those products. Furthermore, if you are an influencer, you may even create an Amazon storefront of your very own, wherein you can climb up the ranks. The three tiers you may rise through are “Rising Star,” “Insider,” and “A-List.” As you help sell more and more items, you will rise up in the rankings, each of which comes with rewards and benefits.

Of the recent move, Amazon Live Director Munira Rahemtulla said in a statement, “We’re focused on bringing customers fun and interactive shopping experiences, while also helping influencers grow their businesses on Amazon. Livestreaming enables creativity, connection, and inspiration, and the opportunities are endless – we’re excited to introduce the Amazon Live Creator app to influencers and can’t wait to see what they’ll create for Amazon customers.”

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