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Why to Use Amazon Frustration Free Packaging for Your Products

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Why to Use Amazon Frustration Free Packaging for Your Products

What is frustration-free packaging and how can it benefit my Amazon listings? Continue reading to discover the offerings in Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging Program, plus, other special fulfillment programs that might be a better fit for your Amazon brand page.

What is Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging?

Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging program is designed specifically with e-commerce shipping in mind. The top priority of this program is to produce the product while providing an easy to open packaging design for the consumer’s benefit. A great benefit of this program is that it is designed to provide a better customer experience while reducing packaging waste by using 100% recyclable materials. Not only will your customers love this packaging, but the environment will thank you as well. This program is put into place to cut down on both waste and effort.

Other Amazon Packaging Programs to Consider

If you do not qualify to participate in the Frustration-Free Packaging program, there are other Amazon programs to consider that might be a better fit for your products:

  • Subscribe & Save: This is used for products that would often be purchased on a regular basis. It allows customers to subscribe to your listing to receive a discount. You will gain a repeat buyer using this program.
  • Small & Light: If you can prove that your products are of small size and light weight, you can get reduced fulfillment costs while providing free shipping for your customers.
  • FBA Export: This program allows you to sell your product to international customers via US-based fulfillment centers.

Why Use Amazon’s Special Fulfillment Programs

One of the best benefits of using Amazon’s special fulfillment programs is that it makes the buying experience more seamless for the consumer and the seller. This could result in better seller feedback and boost the overall rating of your Amazon seller page. This will increase your sales drastically on Amazon, creating trust between you and the customers. Happier customers always result in better product reviews. In return, this will increase your chances of winning the Buy Box, which will boost your visibility on Amazon.

Plus, you can earn additional merchandising and promotions for products that participate in these fulfillment programs. Amazon offers a quick approval process when enrolling in its fulfillment programs. Within days, you will receive an initial evaluation. Amazon does not charge anything for certification evaluation. Finally, reducing packaging materials, waste, and labor could potentially lower shipping costs as a whole.

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