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What is Amazon SEO and Why Does it Matter?

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What is Amazon SEO and Why Does it Matter?


If you sell products on Amazon, one of your critical concerns regarding the growth of your e-commerce business should be how to rank your products higher in search results. When done right, Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) can boost sales while helping shoppers find the products they want. Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or have been in the game for a while, you can always benefit from reaching out to the AVASK Group for expert guidance on the top strategies that can be utilized to drive more traffic to your Amazon product listings. Please continue reading to learn how Amazon SEO can connect you with more customers and generate more sales. 

How Does Amazon SEO Work?

Amazon SEO refers to several strategies determining the most relevant products to display for shoppers’ searches. Despite popular belief, you don’t need to be an SEO specialist to take your sales to the next level. All Amazon sellers, including resellers and brand owners, can utilize keyword research and other SEO methods to optimize their product listing and drive sales. To improve product and brand visibility, drive more traffic to product listings, and increase sales, you must first understand how Amazon ranks products in search results. Amazon’s algorithm typically assesses the following factors to determine how to rank products:

  • Keywords: Product listings should contain relevant search terms to indicate that your items apply to a particular search.
  • Conversion rate: A higher conversion rate is likely to help your product listing appear at the top of Amazon search results. Amazon wants to ensure the product listings displayed to shoppers convert well.
  • Reviews: Positive reviews on your product listing mean better conversion rates, which means better rankings in search results. Customers are more likely to buy products with better reviews.
  • Sale history: Product listings that generate more sales will prove to Amazon that your product should be showcased to shoppers.

How to Improve SEO on Amazon?

One of the primary ways you can improve your Amazon SEO is through keyword research. Essentially, this will give you a better understanding of the best keywords to target with your product to drive more traffic to your listings. Targeting one primary and one secondary keyword with each product list is essential. You should use Amazon’s auto-complete feature to determine which keywords to use for your product listing. Once you start typing a phrase into the search box, it will suggest relevant and related items. In addition to using Amazon’s auto-complete feature, you should analyze your competitors’ keywords. If you notice that a specific keyword is used multiple times, then it’s likely. Valuable keyword to include in your product listing. It’s also beneficial to optimize product titles and descriptions for maximum impact in particular searches.

For more information on how you can drive more traffic to your product listings and increase sales, please don’t hesitate to enlist the help of Ebiz Accounting, as our financial experts can help you take the necessary steps to grow your business.

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