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Amazon Go Plans to Add 6 Locations

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Amazon Go Plans to Add 6 Locations

Amazon Go Plans to Add 6 Additional Locations in 2018

News has recently come out about Amazon’s plans to expand their futuristic grocery store. The first Amazon Go store opened last month, after over a year of buzz swarmed about the store without any cashiers. Now, Amazon is speculated to have plans that would bring additional Amazon Go stores throughout its hometown of Seattle as well as a few locations in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the store has no cashiers, there are still humans working in the store: someone to greet, a few people that prepare fresh foods for shoppers, and another person that checks ID’s when customers want to purchase beer or wine.

While some people are excited about the expansion and grocery stores of the future, others are worried that this is just another move to eliminate the need for cashiers in the workplace. Cashiers make up nearly 4 million jobs in the United States, so it will be interesting to see whether the trend of cashierless stores truly impacts the economy. Of course, Amazon is always ten steps ahead of everyone else, so if this does end up being the case, it will take a while for the impact to be felt across the country. Only time will tell how far Amazon plans to go with its cashier-free store.

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