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How to Get an Amazon Best Seller Badge

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How to Get an Amazon Best Seller Badge

Amazon’s Best Seller Badge is a hot commodity that every Amazon seller wants to achieve. The marketplace is getting increasingly more competitive day by day, but features like the best seller badge give Amazon seller’s that push towards success. Continue reading to discover the features of the best seller badge and the most important tips to achieve the icon on your Amazon listing.

What is the Amazon Best Seller Badge?

The Amazon best seller badge is an icon that is displayed in the search results and the product detail page for items that are deemed as best sellers. Several products can carry the badge in the same category because there are typically 100 best sellers in any category. However, the broader the category, the more competition for a spot in the top 100. This concept holds true for the specific sub-categories where the competition is far less. There might not even be 100 bestsellers if the category is very specific.

Amazon’s best seller badges are updated hourly on the most popular products based on sales. To achieve a best seller badge means that the product has sold more than all of the other products in that category or subcategory within its specific marketplace. It is also possible for customers to sort by bestsellers. Another plus for the badge is that sometimes the product may show up even if a customer searches using an unrelated search term within the product’s category.

Tips to Achieve the Amazon Best Seller Badge

Consider the following tips to achieve the Amazon best seller badge:

  • Make sure your product listing is optimized
  • Double-check to ensure your listing is in the correct category
  • Boost your sales with Amazon’s pay-per-click advertising campaigns
  • Maintain competitive pricing
  • Offer FBA shipping
  • Increase sales with constant promotions

Ultimately, you want your product listing to be set apart from the competition by setting a strong foundation with your product quality, customer service, and overall customer experience. The combination of these two strategies will not only increase your chances of achieving the best seller badge, but will boost your visibility and returning customer rate overall. Building a well-thought-out Amazon listing will help you succeed in the Amazon world in general. The best seller badge will simply be a byproduct of your hard work.

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