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What Does Amazon’s Choice Mean?

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What Does Amazon’s Choice Mean?

Amazon’s Choice Badge is one of the most sought-after features that Amazon has ever released. Though it has been around since 2015, the feature has been proven to drive sales throughout the years. How can you achieve such a badge and what does Amazon’s Choice mean? Continue reading to discover the answers to these questions and more.

What is Amazon’s Choice Badge?

Simply put, Amazon’s Choice Badge is a label given to a product listing when Amazon believes it is the best possible match for its customers based on a specific keyword. You will find this badge in the top left corner of the product’s image or below the title on the product detail page. This feature was first launched in 2015 on Amazon’s platform along with Amazon’s Echo Dot. They created Amazon’s Choice due to Echo’s popularity rising. While more customers requested shopping from Alexa, it became more difficult to browse and filter results while using the voice search. As a solution, Amazon introduced Amazon’s Choice which allows for a quickly matched keyword search to provide the most relevant product for customers using the voice search. In addition to voice search, the badge can also be found on mobile and desktop for customers to easily find the best possible match for their search terms.

What does Amazon’s Choice mean?

As a seller on Amazon, what does Amazon’s Choice mean for your listing? The choice badge can offer huge boosts in conversion rates for Amazon listings. But how can you achieve this badge that boosts traffic and purchases? The best way to get the badge is to offer an incredible customer experience for each of your listings and be an amazon seller with an optimized listing. Some ways to achieve this are as follows:

  • Become an FBA seller
  • Use relevant keywords to optimize your listings
  • Gain positive reviews
  • Maximize sales velocity
  • Always have stock
  • Provide customer service
  • Offer easy returns
  • Learn from your feedback
  • Have competitive pricing
  • Be prime-eligible
  • Bring up your customer rating
  • Provide fast shipping
  • Have a low return rate
  • Optimize your product listing
  • Utilize A+ content

Focusing on these tips above to create an incredible customer experience for your listings will increase your chances of achieving the choice badge by Amazon.

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